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A fund dedicated to New Majority entrepreneurs.

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What is the New Majority?

A Census Bureau report shows that by 2044 – or sooner, whites will no longer comprise a racial majority in the United States. By then, the nation — like today's Los Angeles — will be made up of a kaleidoscope of racial groups, including Latinos, Blacks, Asians, Native Americans and multiracial Americans.

The aggregation of these diverse ethnic groups create a “New Majority,” where cultures and race may vary, but they collectively represent historically marginalized - overlooked and underserved – entrepreneurs.

The "Why"
Combatting a serious national dilemma.

Research shows that it cost at least $250,000 more for a Black founder to create the same exact business as their white peers.

These costs are both direct and indirect. We know that due to the lack of access to venture, as well as limited options for overpriced debt, New Majority entrepreneurs lack access to adequate and aligned capital.

To this end, 1863 Fund has been created to provide capital for our members via equity or an alternative financing model – Revenue-based financing - in addition to equity investments for New Majority entrepreneurs.

Our Roots
Committed to the District.

1863 Ventures started in D.C, and is now globally supporting New Majority founders across the US, Africa and Canada. With this growth we have not forgotten where we started. We are pleased to have over $1m in funding to support BIPOC founders in the District of Columbia.

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What is the 1863 Fund?
An alternative financing model for black, brown & women-owned brands.

"We're a non-predatory financing option for early stage, New Majority brands who lack a Friends & Family round."
Melissa Bradley

‍1863 Ventures

Revenue-based financing (RBF) is the leading alternative to equity financing for startups. Revenue-based financing is best used to bridge short-term gaps to support long-term outcomes.

The RBF loans provide flexible repayment options tied to your monthly net revenue to accommodate the ebbs and flows of early stage cash flow businesses.

Key Components of RBF
Structured as a Loan
Principal amount fully funded at closing.
Flexible Revenue-based Payments
Only pay set monthly percent of customer cash payments, avoiding cash crunches to avoid missing payments.
Aligned, Non-predatory Lender
We desire to help you scale since faster growth means faster repayment and a higher Internal Rate of Return (IRR).
Retain Ownership
Similar to debt, there is no dilution to ownership or control as RBF investors usually do not take any equity.
Investment Criteria
Focusing on the 1863 Family

Funds will only be available to members in good standing with 1863 Ventures.

New Majority Led

The company must have at least 50% ownership of New Majority leadership.

Sector & Geographically Agnostic

The Fund will be sector agnostic and represent diverse geographic areas across the United States.

Revenue Generating

The Fund will only consider businesses with YTD revenue, for at least two years.

Our approach
Focused on your success.

We believe that the infusion of timely, aligned and flexible capital will generate market rate + returns for investors committed to creating opportunity for historically overlooked and underserved communities.

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